Friday, May 07, 2004

I'm not judas & I'm never going to be one. I'll just take it since it's for free! YeahOO! .. ';D

Today is the final day of my Ekin course. I'd learnt alot of stuffs from the course & the new staffs like, Farid, Yuslina,Sheema, Asyurah & Sharriffah has been a great friend. We're going to work together most of out
time soon & also big thanks to our Ekin trainer, Cheryl for making the course very interesting & its time for us
to convert out our theory acts to practical ones. WIsh me good luck starting Monday!

Went to Fashion Jooze with Gf & zul after my course. Pretty cool shop, very professionally done, more products
& also there's a cool mini internet cafe, all the best mates!

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