Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Swoosh...Swoosh & more swoosh ..

5 great things that happen in my life since yesterday.

1. Kill Bill Volume 2 was far the best movie I'd watched so far this year. Watched it with Gf,Zul & Fahmie at Jurong Entertainment.
2. Arsenal still remain unbeaten thanks to a goal by spaniard wonderkid Jose Antonio Reyes. It was his first goal in the Epl.
3. My first day at Ekin was extremely great! What a start to my new career(insya'allah). Oh I got quite number of their freebies too!yea hoo!
4. Shezai had bonesteak AGAIN! Twice in a week!! Oh my, fatty Shezai coming up soon!!
5. S.A.F powder does really reduce the itchiness of my foot rot!

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