Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I Love Yesterday..

It all began with the big Robinsons sale at Tanah Merah Expo hall. Gf bought alot of stuffs there but I didn't get anything though. After all those shopping, I accompanied Gf home to put all the things. We then made our way to town area. Alighted at Bugis, we walked around. We intend to watch a movie but really clueless of what show to watch. Went to Bugis GV but they only show 3 shows yesterday. Therefore we went to Shaw & there we chose 50 First Dates, it's 5 mins to the show when we bought the tickets. We rushed quickly to the cinema thinking we were late but there are patrons who came later than us & there were also who came after an hour the show has been screened. Really don't know what's their motive. Anyways I wouldn't say the show is good or bad. From a couple's eye, it's very sweet,romantic & touching but to others it may differ in a way. I'd never missed any Adam Sandler show & I'm a big fan of him, far more than Jim Carey because of the way he acts. Very Simple, Adam Sandler is very laid back with his body language etc etc whereas Jim Carey is like forcing himself to be funny,fullstop One of my many favorite meals was next up for us. Yes, BONE STEAK!! Babarian food I'd love to label it too! haha..

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