Sunday, May 23, 2004

ooh how things have changed in blogger!

Hey everyone!
I'm left with ample time to just post a few words off the top of my head. First of all, yes my pc is still hanging on to a lifeline. It sure is infected with most prolly 5 or so viruses coz a few unknown "installers" suddenly appear out of nowhere on my desktop, labelled, 'infamous_downloader', 'mfc', 'install2','silent_killer'. Those names sure instill fear within me! kekeke. I could have just reformatted or reboot this damn thing-of-a-box, OR i could just have armed myself with an armour and sword and hurl them at the viruses and shout "Boooger Off! Die, you Fking germ! DIE!" But i didn't. It's pretty obvious that i can't solve the problem. Coz everytime i tried, they keep coming back. There on, i yearn for a new pc!!!

My exam's round the corner! And then it's Freedom for the Soul! Ah i can't wait to get that over with. Gonna sleepover Raudha's (cousin) house for a week coz firstly, i miss my Granny. *Raudha must be laughing her ass off here* and secondly, i have to fulfill my duty as Raudha's bridesmaid and bear with her banterings and demands on the day. *Be kind Adah, please..* hehehee. Nvm, she'll be treated like a princess coz it's her high time now...

My Honey's on his way home from work now..I'm so extremely proud of his achievements in bringing sales. He's a people-oriented-person and this has brought him some great words from the boss. Wish i could be like you Honey. He loves his job so much i always hear him smiling on the other line whenever he calls me. yea... i can Hear him smiling.. :) Good for you, my man o'beloved. I'm missin you right now.....this very second.

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