Monday, July 09, 2007

The Next Chapter

The Day to register had come. It was a small affair. My heart was thumping, my mind racing. T'was the next step towards our marriage. I took leave from work to cater to the schedule. The time has come. Once our names go into the system, it's considered a done deal. No changes. Only awaiting the day of solemnisation. Adorned in traditional religious costumes, we headed to the second storey. There, we swore to God.

Love is a wonderful feeling. It seems like yesterday we jokingly chatted to our friends on IRC with the slogan : "Knots to be tied soon". And Hon, we have come this far. During our first year, there were some doubts about our relationship from others, be it come from people we don't know, or people we do know. We proved them wrong, Hon. We proved them wrong. Look at us now.

Once the registration is complete, Hon, me and my parents went for lunch in town. We had a nice family bonding session as my parents got to know more about their future son-in-law. It was a delightful occasion.

After lunch, my parents went home while SheZai painted the town a Monday Red. It has been such a long long time since we spent time together due to hectic work schedules. But with him, it makes everything worthwhile.

Wanted to catch a movie (again) but to no avail. So, we walked and talked and walked and talked, as usual. Talking and communicating with Hon is always so fun and comical. We ended up at Lido, chilling with Starbucks and playing with the Transformers Card toy which we compete to assemble. It was crap. But Crap is always good. Haha! You should always share Crap as much as possible as a couple. It'll bring you guys closer together. True. Bought a VCD from HMV - "Art School Confidential". Will watch it over the weekend. Back to work tomorrow!

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