Friday, January 16, 2009

Lunar New Year

Out of context, I have been such a good samaritan this week. Good begets Good and Evil begets Evil. 3 consecutive days in a row, i gave up my seat in the MRT to pregnant ladies. I don't know why the heck would they always stand right in front of me even when I sat in the middle! And for 3 consecutive days? That's really bizarre! And just today, again, my luck to have found a handphone in the cab I was in. It was a Nokia N series and yes, i admit it is indeed tempting to you know i know. But instead, I took the handphone with me and once I reached home, I waited and waited for the owner to call, but she did not. So I decided to check her SMS and found out that she (her name is Jenny) is meeting her friend at Tampines Mall an hour later.. I called her friend using her phone. It was a guy. Haha! He answered, "Hello? Ni chai na ni?" errrr.... I told her friend the whole story of me finding her phone in the cab and how i can return it to her. You know what he said? He said," Wah! You so kind one ah!! Tankyu!" Sounds like ah beng.. So we made arrangements and it's good that he said he will save me the hassle of coming to Tampines Mall. So we decided to meet at the Esso near my house. And my predictions were right. He IS a young ahbeng...... Jenny must be his girlfriend. Hehe! Jenny called soon after and thanked me and wanted to treat me to dinner as a token of gratitude but I just said it's just a small thing and that I had to do what I had to do. Cheeyyyyyyyyyy! See? Good Samaritan or not? =) Feels good to be honest.

OK! Just wanna say that I am sooo loving school and lectures. My coursemates are the most fun bunch in the world! And work is soooo fun too! I have a very good and kind mentor teacher and I am indeed blessed. I get to go on a field trip to Chinatown today!! So excited am i! I feel like I am one of the kids. haha! *Although I could see how stressed the other teachers are in managing the kids* So for the first part of the day, we visited a Tea house, and walked around Chinatown. I managed to capture pictures with my camera! Yeay! Photography is so fun too! Then I headed for my lecture in the afternoon. So interesting!

The children drank Chinese Tea and made 'mandarin oranges' potpurri out of tea leaves.

The internal decor of the tea house.

As I am not allowed to post pictures of the children on the Internet, I managed to position my camera so that their faces are not seen. Haha! But you can see the mess they made with the tea leaves on the table! The way their faces cringe when they drank the bitter chinese tea is so cute!

One of the children made this mandarin orange potpurri. And while they are 'enjoying' the tea, the teachers have their share of food too. We had Lotus Paste Buns, Tea Egg (I don't know how to eat this, it's kinda weird tasting) and Ice Cream Puffs (now THIS i had 3)!!

Again with the interior decor which is really very nice. What is WITH me and interiors!?

We went to Chinatown next and the atmosphere is exactly the same like Geylang during Hari Raya. Stallholders blasted their voice through the loudhailer selling their wares, customers scouting for the best prices of Kuih and Bak Kwa and the decorations are like being 'photocopied' from a photostating machine. I have no idea what the picture on the right is. I have a hunch it might be dried duck. ( I almost error-typed 'dick' there. Phew! Dried dick wouldn't sound so nice now would it?!)

A wide array of sweets!!!! And the atmosphere of Chinatown.

On the right, you see aunties choosing the deco for their house. Pretty random, but nice, right? Especially the woman in red. Her standing position is typical of a kpo auntie! Haha! Wooops Sorry auntie whoever you are.

A further down and I see a temple with the banner "Lunar New Year" hanged in the front. It shows how multi-cultural and multi-religious our country is. Chinatown is indeed vibrant and colourful during Lunar New Year.

OK, That's all. Thank you for viewing my Chinatown shots! Enjoy celebrating your Lunar New Year to all our Chinese friends/blog-readers!

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