Friday, April 25, 2008

Updates & updates..

I'm very touched by Hun's latest entry. In fact during our boyfriend/girlfriend's day, she used to tell me all those little details which was similar to her last entry. Of course the both of us were totally from different family background. So we just advice one another & ensured that we have to be strong no matter what happens. Although the details Hun posted were not published entirely, there's actually more to it & I believe if there's another incident to be trigger off, I can assure that she'll blast a few more.

Anyways I've been absent for nearly a month from this blog. Hun's been as pushy as always to ask me to blog but I've been as lazy as always which is a very poor reason. haha She even upload tons of pictures into my Mac just so that I can blog. She always noticed that unless I've got new shoes then only I'll blog 50% about it & the remaining 50% is usually daily life entries which after I see its a true. Haha. BUT!~ now I'm at Clementi & I'm not using my Mac cause I'm lazy. (as always) SO there'll be no pictures until I feel like I'm a bit hardworking.

First stop - Reservist!

It has been quite an exciting In-camp training so far in my 5 years of call up so far. Why I used the term exciting is because this is the first time I'm not been pressurized to meet their expectations. (reason is because I tore my ligament) Hence I'm more like a shadow to the platoon. As always, there's lots of laugh & talk cock sessions. I mean its once a year you get to meet your buddies so there's bound to have all these scandalous gossips, family stories, work issues, etc. The one popular topic in this In-camp was Cars. Almost everyone drove. When we had to go for "R&R" no one actually board the Tonner that was catered to us. I'm not sure when's my turn, lol. Anyway the training was quite slow pace but indeed very detail in every aspect. In fact there's a lot of training that actually has got something to do in the real world. So that summarize my 5th In-camp training, can't give too many details! haha

Secondly, I'd like to congratulate Hun! She truly deserved her new salary cap. In actual fact this is the only job that she has stayed the longest. Despite the hiccups at her working enviroment, I think she excelled well in handling her work matters. She has also reward almost everyone that has support her through her career starting herself! hahaha Ok I don't know if that sounds bad or good but anyway, you all have seen her splurges in the previous entry. Very good selections I must say. :D Next stop, a Prince day for me on my first book out! She bought me a top & 2 berms from Zara, Dockers khaki pants & we had dinner at Billy Bombers. Usually I would request for a shoe but she's very lucky as there's no major launch of any shoes early this month. Not forgetting her boss, Hui Ting & Kak Mai, they were treated also to a superb dinner outing after their work. Pics can be browse at Hun's facebook album. I promised to post pics when I'm free k dear!

Third & lastly, I've received a very good news in my working life so far! Details have been dished out during the 1/2hr meeting on Wednesday. Once everything has been finalized(insya'allah) ,I'll be off to my new career path. A REAL DREAM POST that I've always wanted. I won't leak out any details here yet but the only person who knew this bloody good news other than my office colleagues, is Hun! She was very happy for me too!

So 2008 has been a true blessing for Shezai so far. Insya-Allah there'll be more good things to come.

Laters, Shezai Readers!

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