Saturday, February 02, 2008

Enjoying every minute of it

Whoaa... It's really unusual and highly unlikely to see Hon blog 3 times in a row, ain't it. Thank you Hon. Your Nike kicks are really awesome too. *winks* I'm just back from 'jogging' at ECP with Kak Mai, Fahmy and the Moms. Great workout. Planning for it to be a weekly affair. Well, Why not. What with all the calories-intake these few weeks, my waistline is getting a tad bit rounder. Cycling, as mentioned by Hon below, is also gonna be one of our favourite routine. I find it romantic, when we would discuss issues while cycling, or just cycle to Pasir Ris to watch the sunrise. A great investment, and a great sight-seeing tool. When we are ready, we'll go night cycling, or even take on the roads. Feelin' adventurous. Haha.

Recently, we had some good food. Being food-maniacs, we love to stuff ourselves. Had some at VillaBali when it was Fik's birthday. Nice night-time ambience.

Fik, Zul & Iza

Recently too, Kak Mai gave me and Hui Tien a treat at Pasta de Waraku. The place is superb!! I've always had a liking for Italian food and this restaurant just beats the rest. So superb that the very next day itself, I brought Hon to have our dinner there to celebrate our "belated monthversary". Hehe! The prawns & scallop pizza is mind-blowing! You know how prawns are supposed to be crunchy to tell if they are really fresh? That's the taste. Fresh.
Me and my boss at Bakerz Inn.
Me and Kak Mai eating those melt-in-your-mouth macarooons.
Hon ordered baked prawn n chick pasta. The pizza as mentioned in the middle. And i ordered spicy prawn carbonara. Anything prawns, please!

So, you see, that's why exercise is a must. Oh i forgot to mention that i saw a nenek in a really skimpy string bikini that covers little, with shades and sun visor jogging along the track. Flabby parts flew everywhere. Head turner for sure. She must have thought this was Miami Beach or something... Eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww!!!!

Oh yar, I bumped into Mima the other day, and oh boy, how i missed her!! So much to catch up on. We used to bitch a lot during those school days. Seeing her so happy makes me so happy. As simple as that. Miss you, girl.

On another note, I'm starting to enjoy cooking too. In an experimental kinda way. So-called beginner's luck in the kitchen. Hehehehe. Gonna go out again later to town to meet Hon at his shop and at night, chalet with friends. Some plans are made for a little travelling too at the end of the year. So looking forward to travel. Once we have the means. =) Ok Hon? Let's have countless honeymoons together. I love you.

I so dig Kevin Michael's songs. "We all want the same things" and "It don't make any difference" are my faves. Dig it. Song's playin for you, Hubby.

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