Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tracking my pregnancy

I have gone through a tremendous journey. When I first got to know that I am pregnant to the current 6 months process, the feeling is just indescribable. There were times when I felt worried, and there were times when I felt hyper-excited! There was even one time when I felt really really low and started to hate my body thinking that I depend so much on others that they will hate me for it. Well, that's the stark truth of having a huge physical change in one's body. But that feeling has worn off in just one day and I was back to myself again. When I felt the baby kick my tummy and responding to my touches, I was so awed! Whenever the baby kicked, I smiled to myself and people might be thinking I was crazy.

Hari Raya visiting was even more exciting. Relatives etc touched and rubbed my tummy like it was a crystal ball or something, trying to get some baby dust!! Haha! That's hilarious! But hey, I didn't say it may not work. *winks* So let the pictures below do the talking and this post is mainly as a record for me too. =)

A miracle is waiting to happen.... The miracle of a baby being born.... soon.

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