Sunday, December 06, 2009

Our Blogging Journey: Why I Love NuffNang!

When I started out blogging 6 years ago, I was still naive and wanted to join the blogging craze. So I set up a couple's blog with my hubby-then-boyfriend. Blogging about our lives, any exciting events or even random stuff. As the years go by and we got married, I soon realise that I am wasting my time blogging. Time=Money. I thought.. if I can't utilise my time with anything fun and exciting, then it is so not worth it. Don't get me wrong, we do LOVE blogging to the strangers in the world out there. We even have weird word-searches that directs the nut-brainer to this blog; such as "girls with short skirts on MRT" or "how to please husband" or "pamela chong cleavage" being the latest one from Indonesia. Sheesh!! If it were so easy to be directed to this blog, we might as well blog more often!

So I began to do my research on how to profit out of blogging. And one fine day, I came across Nuffnang. I admit I was skeptical at first because making money out of the Internet was always a hoax. But I went with my gut feel and trusted Nuffnang!! I thought adverts would look super duper Fugly on blogs, with pop-ups and what nots. But Nuffnang was so cleancut. Blog advertising has never been so easy!! Setting up was a breeze! I started out earning measly cents for placing adverts. I nearly wanted to give up and try others, but I realised that I have to be strategic in my placement of ads to earn more. And not only are the ads NOT Fugly, they are very Singapore-based too, which I LOVE!!! Then I became more interested in their company and I SUPER-ENVY other famous bloggers who get to do advertorials to earn money on their blogs or even go to Nuffnang events to mingle. They even give out freebies!! I have never trusted any other blog advertising community except for Nuffnang. And I am not the kinda person who trust anyone that easily.

My ultimate long-term dream would be to be sponsored to travel around the world with my husband to Honeymoon destinations (or even nearby countries for that matter), and blog about the amazing trips...... I know, I know.... Humongous FAT, OBESE chance. But nonetheless, I LOVE NUFFNANG!! Cashing out soon, Kching Kching!! SheZai has made a name for itself too. =) I guess there are not many couple blogs out there too, what more one that has been blogging for 6 years. =D True? The more we wanna win the 'Couples Retreat' tickets! We're a couple who loves to retreat!

P/S: Haha! See the poll on the left? It's SheZai's Guess the pic game again Part 2! Answers please! (So easy to create a poll with Nuffnang too!)

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