Saturday, December 27, 2008

Not for the faint hearted

You don't see what you are about to see everyday. Last night, my uncle called up and asked whether we wanted some fish for cooking. I believe he had gone fishing and caught a huge variety of fish to distribute. So my father went to his house and brought home a pair of fishes, large enough to occupy the freezer. They were wrapped in newspaper and when we unwrapped, one of them was still alive. Its gills were moving as though catching its last abated breath. Poor creature. Species? Catfish (Ikan Sembilang)

This morning, my mom wanted to cook 'Asam Pedas'. I noticed that the fish's tummy was ridiculously huge.
"Ma, I think there's roe in there. The stomach is so huge! Pregnant lah!" I told my Mom.
"No ... I guess it's just the stomach guts, you know how when you eat too much you get bloated.." My Mom responded. Oh Alright then. Hmmph!

A while later, she called out to me and exclaimed. "Sheikha! Got Eggs inside la!!!" So I rushed to the kitchen and whoooaa mama.... fish roe alert! Beautiful ain't it. *you must think i have gone bonkers to think that* People use roe to make sushi, i presume? Hmmm.. my sister PhiQue would've loved this.

See how bright orange and huge a single roe is? It's just soooo alien-like.

Gut wrenching. You can even see the green bile in a corner. The bone is rock-hard, my mom had a hard time cutting the fish (sans whiskers). Its eyes seem to be staring back at you in an eerie ominous way. It's really bizarre!

Mom did the honours of chopping off its head.

Headless fish...... A nightmarish tale to scare the kids around the campfire..... Just use your imagination. =)

P/S: I do not even dare to eat the Asam Pedas Fish that has been cooked. I was totally grossed out. Sorry Mom.

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