Sunday, November 02, 2008

Its All About Having Fun!

The event that we've been waiting for has finally arrived & done. Kanye did a superb showcase. I can only think of more positive words to describe his performances than negatives. Not only from us, but for most of my friends that went to his concert. It's my first time going to a concert. Be it how big or small the event is, it was worth the waiting & standing. Trust me when I mentioned waiting & standing cause the event was supposed to start at 8pm & usually would end like 10pm latest. So when we reached at 7pm, we met Corey first & had some light snacks before entering the queue. The door opened at 730pm & we quickly rushed in to get the best view. At first we're like the 5th row from the front but when the event starts, we're being squashed to the first 2 rows & that's like 4-5 metres away from Kanye! (Thanks for the push guys, haha) Anyway I've to admit also, for a first timer like Corey & myself, standing from 730pm - 9pm was no joke & that too was just waiting minus the show. So when the show starts from 9pm till about 11pm, it was all about the shouting, singing & dancing. As for me, other than those 3 acts mentioned, I've been busy snapping pics & recording video! haha We're not supposed to but hey how many times can you get to see him. I've got about 8 videos (songs) of him Live in my Mac now! haha Wouldn't upload it cos the sound was not so perfect but not the quality though. Can't blame me though cause it was quite hard to record with the pushing, singing & dancing around! It'll just be for Shezai eyes & memories for now, haha. After the concert ended, our knees were like super-jelly & our back aches like hell. It was a real first time experience for me especially but why should I complain right? He's one of my favorite artist & Hun surprised me with this special tickets! While we're having supper at McDonalds after that we're like discussing if only the next artistes that we'll most definitely go will be Justin Timberlake & Pharrell Williams! Hope our dream will come true, ahha. Once again, Thanks dear for the tickets!

Anyways, October was also a good month for my work! We've retain the Nike Art & Science Award! Quite unexpectedly but I must say that it's not easy. I've always told them that winning any award is easy but retaining or maintaining the standard will be a huge challenge but no one told them that it's not impossible & they proved it right! Congratulations again to us again guys! We deserved this & we'll get the goodies again soon!

Apart from the postitive side, I've also had to bid our goodbye to one of our Fillipino attachment student, Jonalyn. You've been a great help to the team & we really had fun working with you. Hope you learnt alot from us & also wish you all the best for the future & graduate from your school soon with flying colors! (We won't forget about you & will fly your Nike goodies soon yea)

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