Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ai Just Wanna Ride..... my Bicycle.

It's been bloody ages since the last entry! Sorry for the lack of updates really. Was quite busy working almost into the night almost everyday! New projects, new changes, new audits.. Damn! It got me so lethargic and drained out when 12 hours was spent at work! Work is really stress! Well, apart from that, here's an update. Nothing much happened... except:

Hon's Lobsters! I bought a pair of Lobsters for Hon on his July's Prince Day! He's lovin' it! Yummy ain't it?

As for my own indulgence, Fahmy & Kak Mai has just returned from their trip to New York. She got me these delicious Kate Spade purses at very reasonable USDs! Gosh NY is such a shopping paradise with the declining USD currency! Thank You Kak Mai! They're gorgeous!

I was just hitting town the other day and came across a travel guide when I was busy perusing the travel section. Well lo and behold, i came across a page splattered with beautiful pictures of our country. They are indeed well taken i admit, BUT, There was this picture that I just simply could not agree with! I think it has been photoshopped like many times lor to achieve the colour effects! Kindly refer to exhibit A below which i secretly took a pic of. The colour of the sea is OBVIOUSLY not blue! And where the hell can you find surfers in Singapore?! The picture is obviously a Boy awaiting what little wave we have for skimming. This is utterly rubbish! How can they concoct such an imagery of our beach?! Truth be told, our sea is brown in colour, what with the high-bacterial level recently! It is nowhere NEAR the picture below! Hahaha! Can the real East Coast beach picture please stand up?

Ok Ok, enough of that. Apart from our beaches, we do live in a clean and green country no doubt. Next random item! FOOD!!!!! Yup yup! It was the weekend and Hon was not working! Yeay! It was a day whereby I experimented with another Italian Dish. In my opinion, Italian dishes are the easiest to make! Their main ingredients are always garlic, cheese, milk and pasta. I did not follow any recipe, just with my gut feeling. And here are the main ingredients:-

Red bell peppers

Simmering hot garlic-milk-cheese-chicken broth =)

Cheese Pasta

Before Baking

After Baking

Presenting to you:- Chicken Baked Pasta with Creamy Cheese sauce.

As for how it tasted, Well..... you gotta ask Hubby. Haha!

Now, not all the food i experimented with turned out nice. Yesterday, I wanted to try out making some Cheese Sticks. There's this stall in Takashimaya which sells really really superb melts in your mouth cheese sticks. OK, see now i'm craving for it. Thanks to Hubby. So i rolled the left-over cheese into sticks and rolled them in bread crumbs. When i fry it, the whole thing melts! Damn! How? I think I gotta use some flour or something. Nevermind. I shall never give up. Will try to experiment again soon.... Don't puke now...

Today was a great Sunday! Hubby had an off day and we get to spend time together! We went to 2 wedding invitations in the afternoon, (it always comes one after another once you get married, oh just wait and see 080808!) and had planned to cycle to Pasir Ris park to watch the sunset. (Normally It's sunrise, but for love's sake, we cycled leisurely to see what sun there's left behind the bushes. Hee!) Cycling is so fun, apart from running. Hon's character is rubbing in on me.. especially his boyish charm! He does love to tease me a lot!!! But I love that about him! So fun!

Our Bikes. The green one's mine, and orange's his.

Our sun-drenched tired faces. Still full of gusto.

Me & my trusted Bike

We managed to capture a few shots of the scenery before we leave... The sun, at its most glorious. With my trusted SLR, oh yeah right, hahaha, no... it's more of like my precious little 5MB Sony digicam, a special birthday present from Hubby 3 years ago, the pictures captured are still to my liking. I still love my digicam!

Sunlight seeping behind clouds.

My lovely husband.

The sun hidden behind some clouds.

The evening sun!

Spread your wings and fly away!

Do not stare at the sun with naked eyes.

Heading Home...

We do not have cars, we do not have motorbikes, but we do have legs..... =)

Darling Hubby bought for me a really cool running shoe - Nike Women's Air Max Moto! Yeay! And also the NikePlus Sports Kit! Now I can measure my own runs and see how many calories i have burned! Yeay! Thank you so much Honey! I really love it! I have just trained with Hon again last weekend. We did a 4km power-walk and 1km run around our estate. Felt really good! I have a hubby as a personal trainer.. ahha! The Human Race is at the end of this month and I think i am NOT in the shape for it right now! I have planned to endure and brisk-walk and run the whole 10km. But i think i have to buck up. I just did a 5km run but my timing wasn't good. 30mins. Oh well, Another run, Hon?

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