Saturday, July 05, 2008

Take me on a trip I'd like to go someday....

When you're on a holiday
You can't find the words to say
All the things that come to you
And I wanna feel it too

On an island in the sun
We'll be playing and having fun
And it makes me feel so fine
I can't control my brain

We'll run away together
We'll spend some time forever
We'll never feel bad anymore

Weezer - Island in the Sun
This song will certainly be playing on my iPod when i'm lazying on the beach.... *sigh*

All is booked. We're set to jet this Wednesday. Going to Redang Island by Berjaya Air from Seletar Airport. There is a Redang airport on the island itself and it is just about 10 mins drive from Berjaya Beach Resort where we'll be staying. How convenient is that!? Yes we decided on taking a small jet instead of the dreaded 10 hour coach + 1 hour boat. By air we will arrive in just 1+ hours with lots of time unwasted. Just like going to Sentosa from Tampines. A doorstep away.... But Redang is nothing like Sentosa. Here's a photo of our resort for inspiration. If you were to loook really closely at the far horizon you could actually see the waves and the breeze blowing the coconut trees. Made you feel like going on a vacation didn't we.

Let your thoughts wander just for a bit. Just imagine running on the powdery white sand almost as silky as milk carressing your feet; clear blue skies with the wind blowing in your hair; the smell of salty seawater with a variety of anemone fishes swimming by you in shallow waters far out still; swaying coconut trees in the cool breeze; a flower perched nicely behind your ear; or a floppy straw hat for style as you lay on the beach chair in your sarong; a cocktail drink in one hand and suntan lotion in the other. Oh my mind wanders freely. Only 2 more days of stressful work and off to Paradise Island with the one I love to spend quality time together. Looking forward to that! Stay tuned for our review and photos once we're back! I think Hon has heard enough of my unrelenting gabbers~! I gab so much about this trip that I so long for! You should know. And this will be our 3rd Honeymoon couple get-away..... and counting. =) I Love you Honey. You won't regret this trip I promise. If it does sound boring to you .. I'll make it extra super-duper exciting and adventurous for you that it'll blow your Nike socks off. *winks*

The movies are good these days. We've caught Wanted/ Deception/ Hancock/ Get Smart. The best of the lot? Of course it's 'Wanted'. Ah ah.. Not due to the sexy bad-girl plumpilicous lips Angelina Jolie.. ermm. ok maybe i'm biased... but the storyline is superb! With a twist. Hancock's storyline is not even close to Wanted's. Hancock's storyline becomes crap once the "wife" comes in. If you've watched it you'll know what i mean.

Pics of food will be put on hold for a while coz this lady is still shopping for the ingredients.. Ish ish ish.. Maybe once we get back she'll make a nice hot plate of something something for her Hon.
Round juicy tomatoes are always a must for for some dishes. Checked!

Speaking of food, I had a great dinner meet up with Kak Mai and Hui Ting last week~! We ate at this place in Holland V. Nice Mediterranean Ambience. "Bon Voyage and all the best in your shopping splendour in NY Kak Mai!!! Remember to read the book 'Shopaholic Abroad' on your flight ok! Totally fab book which you can absolutely relate to!"

Rich Foods of the Mediterranean kind

I don't know why i'm so random these days. Maybe it's because I want to squeeze whatever thots I have into a single blog entry. Yes... maybe. Oh yar.. I'm into my last Sophie Kinsella Shopaholic series book already! I'm now reading Shopaholic and Baby, the best of the lot. Next will be 'Remember me' and then i'm done. I'm also addicted to Sudoku, thanks to my sister.

I'll be training up for my 10km NikePlus Worldwide Human race with Hon and i have just 2 months left! Will try to go for a 5km jog later around my estate and see if I still have IT. I DO wanna get in sexy shape and increase my will power and stamina!! Oh this is gonna be one interesting 10Km run organised by Nike.. There'll be bands playing at the end so you get to jump and dance after the run! Go Google Nike Human Race. You see you see... I'm so random. Where's my flow in writing? oh god.

Honey you really made me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I read your entry. I love being married to you, Love... my annoying funny guy.

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