Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Dearest Mother!!!

It is my mother's birthday today and I took leave just to spend time with her. Honey's working, Sis's got something important to attend to, so it's just me, Mother and Father. Woke up to a healthy family breakfast meal at Mc'Ds and then off to market to buy ingredients to cook for Mom. Today's specialty? Mee Sup Daging Tulang Rusuk. It took me 2 hours to cook coz i want the best softest meat ever in the soup. Turned out perfectly well. Lemak Berkrim!

Boil all your troubles away.....

End product with the noodle and all the garnishings

With a little chilli padi kichap

Since Mom will be given a well-deserved treat to Bintan tomorrow, the whole family, including Hon, is coming along! Wow! It's our first family holiday outing together! Ain't that super super exciting? Gonna do all the sea-sports and maybe some spa-ing. The thing is... the ferry is at 8.30am tomorrow and we gots to wake up at 5 plus am coz gotta be there 2 hours early. You won't believe it but it is Hon and me's FIRST Bintan trip ever. Never been there. Heard lots of good AND bad reviews though. Of course, nothing can beat Redang Island, my most favouritest paradise island of all. Hoping to go there in July if all is well. =) Oh well. We'll be fetching Hon after work later, but before that, maybe i'll take mom sight-seeing first.
My mom is super sporty (and sporting) for her age and I am impressed!
Can't wait for islanding. Will be back with reviews. Stay tuned.

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