Monday, April 07, 2008

Reserved By The Force

a person who belongs to a reserve military force of a country.
[Origin: 1875–80; reserve + -ist]

2 weeks he's not around (Except weekends). 2 weeks i'll be sleeping alone. Reminiscing the days of NS, where he'll call me in the school library. Still felt the same jitterbugs even though we're married. All the best in the jungle Honey. Come home to me soon. I miss you.

Lots of updates, but let's keep it to the bare minimal. Too much Yak can spoil your ears.

First of all, To Nurul my sweet cousin, Have a safe trip to USA and really really enjoy yourself !!! All e best in your studies!
Me and Hon bought for her a pair of Pajamas from La Senza as a Bon Voyage gift. Haha! No idea already, but glad she liked it.

Secondly, workwise, I've been in a dilemma but all that's gone in a flash of an evening. *Winks* Everything's good. I'm still in my job, trying to gain as much experience.....and take over the whole world. Hya hya hya. To date, it's the longest job i've ever stayed in ever since I graduated, 1 year already. Hehe. Trying to tahan all the shit. Hopefully.

Thirdly, Hon laughed at me because i bought a 'Kat Deluna' CD. What's wrong, man? Sheesh. I can dance like Ulat at home. hehe. And there he laughs again.... haiz. Oh and Justin Timberlake Madison2 garden DVD is the best musical/dance performance I have ever seen. Re-runs are very likely.

Fourthly, I am in desperate desire to go on a holiday. Please. I really really want a change of environment (read: country) for the time being. I dream of exploring somewhere exotic with Hon. *hint*

Fifthly, I'm gonna give Hon a Prince Day this Saturday when he books out. Why? Big B! Prince Day = Huge Spending spree for my Honey! Whatever he wants. (But before that, let me treat myself to a good Pampering shopping spree tomorrow first, hehehe.)

Sixthly, I gained 4 Kg!!!!! CRAP! WHY? Oh god, Fish and Vegetable diet for me from now on Please!

Seventhly, My health screening test results showed that i'm healthy!! The doctor reviewed everything. She said that my Good cholestrol beats my Bad Cholestrol, she showed me how to read the review booklet and my results showed nothing in my blood, stool and urine a.k.a. i'm healthy. Yeahoo!!! Ahamdulillah!

Eightly, I miss cycling. But I prefer swimming more now that i can swim properly in medium-shallow waters. It's just so magical being underwater, moving every limb against the water. Lovely. And my jogging has been deteriorating. Need to buck up, man.

Ninthly, Since parents are away, me and sis are very bored. I gave my sister a treat at Eatzi. Ermm.. Not really recomended. Kinda Bland menu. So not nice. Unless you crave a desire for MEAT and STEAK. Super Crappy Face = No Desire for MEAT.

Sister having Carbonara, and I ended up finishing it.
That's my meat. errr.... gosh, i meant steak. *Slaps forehead*

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