Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why is it so hard?

To find a job? Recently, I've sent out at least 10 resumes a day, to recruit agencies, companies, newspaper ads and websites. It has come to about 100+ and about 10% will call back to say that i lack experience, not suitable, and recommond me a customer service job (which don't need much experience as you get to learn on the job)-, which takes up about 80% of the industry right now-, only because they work on commission. So to find a back-end job is like finding a needle in a haystack. Out of that 10% that call back, 9.98% will be for customer service positions or financial consultants a.k.a. insurance agents. And out of that back-end operations of 0.02%, 0.019% will not call back when they say they will. And so, 0.001% is what's left of the job industry for me. Now, How the hell am I suppose to gain experience if I don't start somewhere? It's all about those specific requirements... And about the second languages that u speak.... I know You know what I mean. yeah so.. Quite depressing... Hmm I thought a minister said the job market is improving this year? My Dad wants me to be a Dealer (bank).. Hey.. IR has an opening for a BlackJack Dealer too! hehehe!

Kak Mai, a cousin of mine really gave me an eye-opener. I look up to her for she is a successful woman. She asked me, why aren't people successful? The reason that they do not obtain success is because they are afraid to step out of their comfort zone and grab the opportunities faced in front of them. They are afraid of the paradigm shift. They are afraid of the very obstacles that can make them step ahead. They are too comfortable with what they have and where they are now, that the slightest challenge will just turn them away. If your boss offers you to take charge of a huge changing project, will you accept the challenge? Or just sink away in your cubicle hole, depressed and stressed that you got chosen and say, "God! Why Me?" Take that as an opportunity to learn and make mistakes along the way. Life is too short, if you don't learn anything from this world, you will never get a second chance. I used to be so timid, afraid to speak up and always agree with what other people say..... and yes, sadly, I still do. I know a lot of people attest to that. I need to change, period.

Watch the movie.. "The Pursuit of Happyness". I cried during the movie. yes... It is a very very good movie about determination. It gives you inspiration to achieve. I gave my utmost full concentration staring at the cinema screen, not blinking. Yes, it's ThAT good. I feel like watching it again to get this light within my soul. =) You will feel like you are floating out of the cinema at the end of the movie. 5*.

Ok, my dear friend Jihan, posted on her website( a link to my ancient website that has cobwebs all over.. Haha! Thanks Jihan, and I'm doing well, thank you. And whatever that is posted on my website "Sheikha-2-Zaini-With-Love" still gives people goosebumps... I heard. =) Thanks. I have yet to update. Will do so very soon. On that note, ~Laters!~

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