Saturday, March 05, 2011

Aaliyah's 1st day of school

Aaliyah started attending school on 1st March 2011, exactly 1 day after her 3rd month. She is the youngest in class but by mid march, she'll be second youngest. Her friends will grow up together with her when they graduate to toddler class. The first day went really well. The night before, I have bought, packed, labelled and prepared everything to the last bib. Massive. Like want to run away from home like that.

And this is Aaliyah decked in school uniform... ok just joking. Infants don't have school uniform. They wear whatever they please. I don't really like green.. but never mindlah... she blends in together with the bedsheet. Kopet kopet pergi skolah. 

Once we reached school, the teachers received her and we have to follow a procedure. Sign her in, take her temperature, record on the whiteboard the timing of her diaper change and last feeding, keep her belongings in the cupboards provided and lastly fix her beddings. She sat there in the super-comfortable bouncer with a teacher. She looks so excited with the ooooh where am I look on her face....

Once she has settled down, Hon and I went for our breakfast and left her in the good hands of the infantcare teachers there. We wouldn't wanna be around too as it will distract the other infants and teachers going about their day. I understand how that feels. =) 

We intended for her first day to be a half day so that she can transit comfortably into her new environment. And everything went smoothly. We love the teachers there too. When we came back to fetch her around noon, she was already relaxing on the bouncer looking comfortable as after her nice bath, she was given her milk feed.

I have a good feeling, sort of like a good vibe about her being taken care of here. Spacious, nice environment, caring teachers. The last thing at the back of my mind was her being sick due to close contact with other infants, but hopefully she stays strong. I like the fact that they have SOPs and guidelines to adhere to. Puts my mind at ease. =)

Sshh.... Aaliyah is sleeping in her cot in the 'sleeping nook'.

Individual cots.

When we fetched her home from school... "Mummy, i'm tired... I wanna sleep...." Hahaha! Like as if she does a lot of activities and playing like that. She will, but not at this age.

"Daddy, I wanna sleep... don't disturb me. I want to recharge."

"OK! Recharge already!! It's playing time again!! Yeehaa!"

P/S: This blog entry is solely personal and by no means an intention to advocate anything. To each his own. However, mummies do feel free to email me if you have any qualms about 'going back to work' issues and let's chat!

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