Thursday, December 31, 2009

PhiQue is back from Sydney!

I got a mad surprise when my sister called me on Xmas Eve. "Kakak! Don't tell Mama and Abah I am in Singapore!" was her first line. She was so hush hush about coming back. But somehow I got a gut feel about it coz my eye was twitching non-stop! And she's still the same ol' PhiQue u all know lorr.... Same ol' personality.

She missed Singapore food, so here we are at Afghanistan for breakfast the very next day. See how much she can eat now!!! Hahaha.
*Muka busuk baru bangun tidur

Time to go shopping! Girls' Day Out!

Super bad messy hair day

313@Somerset and OC first. Then ION. Too much hoohaa about these shopping centres, but the shops were all the same. Not a big deal.

Ice-Cream Break at Far East

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