Sunday, January 25, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the fallen (Opening June 09)

Revamp of the bedroom again.
Finally, the poster (double-sided original teaser) has arrived. Have reserved the poster since last year even though I do not know what the design will be. The price has gone up $10. This shall be my 10th collectible poster. It is now hanging on our bedroom wall. =) To see more of our movie posters collectibles, click here.

Of course along with the poster, there has to be a matching bedspread. Honey bought this from Taka and I should say that it is quite exp for a queen sized quilt cover. (cost more than the poster!) Nevertheless, our transformers craze is here to stay. Looking again, yes, it seriously doesn't look like a married couple's bedroom. Haha! Told you we're kids stuck in adult bodies! But we just love it!

P/S: Happy 94th Monthversary, Honey!!
Can't wait for our trekking adventure tomorrow morning!

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