Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Xmas Office Gift Exchange x Lucky Draw x Breakfast Company Meeting

They waited, They bought the parallel import ones, They travelled to buy or even asked friends to buy, They paid quite a sum for it, They queued when Singtel announced that they'll be selling it, They're still waiting for M1 & Starhub to sell. I got it. For free with no lines or contracts. A 16gb 3G Iphone. Yes la!

Hello to the Blog world again after missing so much. Yesterday was a memorable morning for me. The office announced that we will be having our very first Christmas Gift Exchange party & as well as some announcement & lucky draws. I myself have never been to any sort of Christmas gift exchange party before. Even when I was in Primary School, the teachers gave us presents instead of exchanging it. The twist for the gift to exchange was it has to be $10 & above, no chocolates/sweets, no Nike products & no Celio products. So guess what I bought? A weighing scale from Watsons that has Mickey Mouse design on top of it that cost $11. HAHA Good luck to the person who gets it yesterday. Reality check mate!

Anyways next was the company announcement. The Boss presented Grace, Sheema, Carin & myself the Company Long Service Award certificate + Iphone 3g 16gb (no line). Fantastic! haha The superb momentum followed by the lucky draw & I won again the top 5 prize which was a Sennheiser cx300 earphone which I googled it that cost a whopping $129.90. Annabel, our Buyer gave me expensive chocolates from Mark & Spencer. The door gift was a Nike pouch & the gift exchange gift I received was Ferrero Rocher Chocos. Guess someone bend the rules & I get the "retribution" for giving a silly gift! haha

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