Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Way to a Man's Heart is through his Stomach

As far-fetched as it seems, i cooked for my husband today. It was a lovely Saturday. We slept in and woke up late due to the fact that we watched "American Gangster" with the cousins the night before and chilled at McCafe East Coast till 5am tis morn. When I woke up, the kitchen was my playhouse. And so the cooking starts. The spices, the chillies, the blending, the frying, the cutting, the dicing, yes, the works. Single-handedly, I did it. Sheikha can cook. =)

Frying noodles and making pasta was a breeze, intermediary was "Chicken Rice". It was a success. Let's start off with the mess in the kitchen.

The chilli and the mushrooms kailan in oyster sauce.

The fried chicken

All in, Dig in.

Hon was a great help. He knows how to cook the vegetables!
What more can you ask for in a helpful hubby?

And we are now at Starbucks having a date, enjoying our Javachips after the heavy rain, just spending precious time together. Hon's leg is slowly on its way to recovery. Alhamdulillah.

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