Friday, April 16, 2004

My PC's down as you've guessed it.

It's time... It took me a whole 1 hour to start up my PC. And i had to restart it 4 times, so that would be up to about 3+ hours to get it working. Worth the effort? Don't think so... Yea, this PC has been wit me for 6 years. Windows 98 still. hahahaha! A new PC won't arrive anytime soon as i'm down wit exams and Sis's down wit O levels... Yes Honey, i guess it is a blessing in disguise... i managed to do some studying on my off-school days. However, i miss chatting with you online, BF. And also wit my friends.

School's been great. I'm so gonna miss school. Just now was the convocation for last's year's graduates and oh Boy, i can't wait for mine, sorta.. BF is having a blastin footie session wit his colleagues and dinner wit them.. Gonna meet him and his Mom for some Seoul Gardens lunch tomorrow... Food Again!! Yummy! My friend says i've gained weight! Oh No! ahhahah! But i love Food~! So does BF! So how? hehe!

Anyways i'd like to make a shout-out to my new-e-mail-friend, Shima, if you're reading this... Hello!!! Nice to have e-mail-exchange conversations with you~! :)

It's my Sister's 16th Birthday on Sunday and ya ya, she's like having her own chalet and sorts. So Big Already but still so small. hahahhaha! I'm a naughty sister. oh whaddelll.... gonna go sleep wit my Mom at the chalet now and keep an eye on her tonight. Ok, BF, I MISS YOU! C ya tomorro Darling! Mwahs.

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